10 Tips for choosing window treatments

Most windows will benefit from some kind of covering, whether it is for privacy, shading, warmth or a combination of these factors. But how do you know which you should choose. Well here are 10 tips to help you decide.

Work out what want your window treatment to do: For example, do you want to stop people being able to watch you eat? Or are you more concerned about the midday sun overheating your living room? For the first then a curtain or roller blinds will probably more effective whilst for the second venetian blinds allow you far more control over the level of shading.

What is the level of moisture in the room: Kitchens and bathroom which tend to have a lot of steam probably won’t suit curtains, which can get damp, or wooden blinds, which can warp. Instead use plastic or metal blinds or frosted glass.

Make them complement your style: Consider how you have decorated the room, is open and modern, maybe favouring light coloured blinds, or is maybe a bit more sophisticated and timeless, better suited to drapes.

Patterns: If you want to add a pattern to your window treatments then roller blinds, roman blinds or curtains will offer you a far greater range of options than micro blinds or Venetian blinds.

Consider the view outside: Just you need to match your treatments to your décor, you should also consider the effect they will have on your view. For example rolling countryside would probably suit curtains or wooden blinds to keep in with the natural feel, whereas metal blinds might give your inner city pad a more futuristic modern feel

Temperature: Does you home get cold easily? Then thick drapes or honey comb blinds will offer a great way of insulating your house. If gets to warm then blinds or lighter curtains will allow you to block the light but let in a cooling breeze.

Shape of the Windows: Certain window shapes are easier to find treatments for than others. Whilst basic square or rectangular windows are simple, other shapes will find curtains easier to use. However you can now find blinds to fit most windows.

Safety: Whilst window treatments may not seem like the most dangerous of objects, they do unfortunately, pose a couple of risks. Any window treatment with long control cords such as most blinds risks catching and strangling young children and pets while long drapes situated near heat sources can catch fire. Short cords or cord tidies, and thinking about the positions of heat sources is essential.

Cleaning: How much time are you willing to spend on cleaning your window treatments? In general the more complex they are the more cleaning they will need. So wooden Venetian blinds can do with a dusting every week. Whilst a vinyl roller blind might only need the occasional wipe down.

Cost: The final but most important point to consider is how much you are willing to pay. In general Venetian and roller blinds are the cheapest options out there, with curtains and roman blinds being significantly more expensive. But this depends a lot on what retailers you can find.

Daniel Frank is writing on behalf of Wooden Blinds Direct an online supplier of wooden Venetian blinds.