Five great reasons why anyone with a spare room should make money from it

  1. At a time when more and more people are desperate to start climbing the property ladder, but equally young buyers are struggling to pay mortgages, there are many new websites that offer easy, fun, flexible and fulfilling ways for people to make money from their homes. Websites like thisliterallymean you can make money from the relaxing comfort of your own home, from someone sleeping in a usually empty spare room. It seems only logical to utilise this often empty space!
  2. It's much better than having a full-time lodger who can quite frankly be a pain in the arse (think Spike from Notting Hill or worse!). Renting out our spare room as and when you want to means you have the flexibility to leave it free at other times for when you want friends and family to stay.
  3. It's fun and social and you meet great people! Giving people supper and a bed for the night is just so easy - you don't need a qualification in it, all you need to be is welcoming andhospitableand you will attract the kind of people you want as word of mouth is always the best advert.
  4. If you live near a particular landmark or venue (the Birmingham NEC for example) or in a particularly popular part for London for instance, you could really be missing a trick by not getting involved as a host! You customers are there for the taking!
  5. It's a great way to show off the area in which you live - your guests will love your local knowledge and fun and time-maximising tips, and hopefully visit you again and again.

So go on - try it - make money from your home the fun way!(you don't even have to leave the house!)

With thanks to: Annabella Forbes // Chief Chick -