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I visited the Aaronson Noon Glass Studio in West London last week in my quest for getting to know more British artists and manufacturers and their and works of art and products.

I visited the Aaronson Noon Glass Studio in West London last week in my quest for getting to know more British artists and manufacturers and their and works of art and products.

In today’s world where global communications reign supreme, where all products are available to everyone around the globe, individuality gives comfort. As a designer I am always seeking interesting, individual and crafted pieces to enhance a client’s interior. It’s important to me and I try to share this with my clients, that their home reflects their taste, their life, what they love most and very importantly it need to make them feel good and comfortable every day of their life.

Special pieces to enhance special homes and people – it’s a complete circle and in these difficult times, it’s important to work with local British designers, manufacturers and small businesses that thrive on giving the best of themselves to their clients.

Adam Aaronson’s studios offer handmade glass for interiors: decorative accessories for contemporary or classical interiors such as vases, tie-backs, finials, door handles or furniture handles. They also make lighting, wall panels and sculptures.


They also do bespoke work for designers and clients alike, either developed from an original concept or based on one of their ranges above.

I am always amazed at how good value it is to commission an artist to do a bespoke piece for my clients or indeed myself. Not only is it fantastic value but the process if so rewarding, a constant interaction of finding out about the client brief as well as the artist’s style and way of working. A commission can start at around £350.- for a small piece. When you think you can spend that much on a glass piece in a department store made into huge quantities - commissioning your own pieces is definitely the way to go for individual, unique and amazing art.


Adam Aaronson FSDC, FRSA, has been at the heart of British Studio Glass for the last 25 years, first as a gallerist and subsequently as an artist in his own right. In 1996 Adam established his current glass blowing studio in Earl’s Court, London.

From private commissions for Kate Adie, Margaret Thatcher, Lionel de Rothschild, Anita Roddick, Ivana Trump, Sir John Harvey Jones to Dame Judi Dench to name but a few, Adam’s fine art work obviously reaches some discerning clients. Enough to intimidate anyone! But I found him and his devoted staff, to be affable, friendly and extremely approachable.

The two pictures below are vessels from the STRATA collection.



The studios are amazing. The glass blowing area is separated from the public area obviously, and the heat is rather extreme! One can overlook the whole area from the gallery space (known as the Zest Gallery) which accommodates the studio’s work as well as other designers. The 2nd space is where the more sculptural pieces are showcased and then there is a 3rd room where Adam’s own fine art work is presented, particularly his 2010-2011 collection: The Imaginary Landscape.

I love visiting working spaces, I find them inspiring and also a vignette into the artist’s world and thought process. I did not get to see Adam in action so to speak but as you can see from the pictures below, rather a spectacular process and also a very physical one.



I remember when I was very little seeing this glass blower in a shop that my Mother had dragged me into, blowing small glass fish with magical colours. I was fascinated and stayed there sitting on the floor absolutely mesmerised by it all whilst my mother shopped herself to death! Since then glass has held a special fascination for me.

“Even after more than 20 years, I am still captivated by the fluidity and movement of a mass of molten glass - the medium of hot glass I see on the end of a blowing iron. It is almost as if it has a life of its own, floating, ever changing, a life that requires nurturing and taming. The transition from this amorphous state to the final static form never fails to fascinate me.” -Adam Aaronson-


Adam specialises in free blown glass which allows him to extend the possibilities and reaches of his medium far beyond the glass works one sees on the market today. The making process for the pieces below, was developed by Adam. This process has parallels in enamelling, ceramic glazing, printing and painting – all evident in these beautiful works.

The glass is on an iron at between 500 and 1100 degrees and the vessels are covered in silver leaf rolled over powdered glass laid onto a steel table. Several layers of colour are applied and reheating the vessels melts the colours onto the surface. When all the colours are applied the whole object is red hot so Adam needs to remember which colour he has applied, where and the intensity. Very much like a composer writing music!


The Zest Gallery can be visited Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Aaronson noon Glass Studio and Zest Gallery are at Roxby Place London SW6 1RS, Tel: +44 (0) 207 610 3344 or email [email protected]



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