Thinking of building an summer house - Size matters!

Can’t afford to move and thinking of converting your garage or putting up a summerhouse or garden office over the bank holiday weekend? Read this short guide to avoid breaching Building Regulations

Building a new garage attached to an existing home would normally need building regulations approval.However building a new attached carport (open on at least two sides) would not normally require building regulations approval if it is less than 30 square metres in floor area.

Building a detached summer house, shed or garage less than 30 square metres floor area would not normally need building regulations approval if:

  • the floor area is less than 15 square metres. or 
  • the floor area is between 15 square metres and 30 square metres, provided the building is at least one metre from any boundary, or it is constructed from substantially non-combustible materials, and contains no sleeping accommodation. 

If you are thinking of converting an integral or attached garage into habitable use, building regulations will normally apply. If the Regulations do apply then you must make an application to either an Approved Inspector or to your Local Council and it must be built to reasonable standards or you might have to demolish or rebuild it. For more information on the standards you need to build to click on the links below to visit the planning portal.

With many thanks to Geoff Wilkinson