Relocation Tips

Relocating can be challenging and expensive. When looking for property in any area you need to have good local knowledge, and also understand the local market, which is time consuming, if you already have a job to do 9-5.

Planning is key and there a few simple steps to make relocating pain free.

1. Criteria

Understand your wants, needs and desires - how are you going to travel, what schools are nearby?, public transport, road links, what clubs you have etc... But be realistic. Create or Buy a local area report to give you an overview of the areas and study it. Understanding your criteria will save you time and money.

2. Research

Buy the local paper, speak to locals and understand the market conditions. Drive around; go into local shops etc...View properties within your budget to see what is out there and what you get for your money but also look at property prices over a period of time, watch properties of interest to you and see how quickly they sell or let. Knowing about the market will give you an advantage.

3. Action

Go and find properties that suit your requirements. The best properties can be the hardest to find so do the leg work and leave no stone unturned. Look at properties that are above your budget too. Get serious about moving as sometimes the grass is not greener. Approach Relocation agents, private landlords, developers, property managers etc... Anyone with the inside track could give you the edge over other buyers and tenants to enable you to get the best possible property at the best possible price.

Ideally you should start researching your area 3 months before you need to move, using relocation agencies can also be helpful, especially when you are in a different area. Viewing properties that are ‘just not right’ can become expensive so choose carefully and ask lots of questions before you arrange to view – remember Agents generate revenue from Letting or Selling property so some agencies want as many people to view as possible, they are not always thinking of your specific requirements.

Good luck with your search.


With thanks to Wesley Heraty, MD of Location Cheshire