What is the process of selling my home on Tepilo?

In this blog we outline how to sell your property with us on Tepilo. What to do and what you will need to get started.

How do I sell my home on Tepilo?

Follow these steps to make the process as seamless as possible...

1. EPC - HIPs are no longer a legal requirement but you will however need to have applied for an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) before you market your property. The EPC won't need to have arrived although you must have commissioned one.

2. PHOTOS - You can take photos of your home yourself with a digital camera and upload them.  You can do this when you add details about your home, or come back and add and amend this later.  You may decide to pay someone else to take photos/virtual tours etc for you. (Click here for more info and our special recommended partner offer).

3. FLOOR PLANS - You may already have a floor plan  that you can use from when you bought the property, or from when you had a planning application submitted.  In which case you can upload this document to your home profile.  If you don't have a floorplan, there are a few options:  

  • Sketch out each floor with measurements, then use the free floorplanner creator that we link to in the 'Add my home' section.
  • For a £20 fee you can sketch and fax a copy to our suggested floorplanners who will send it back via email.
  • You get someone to come and do the whole floor plan for you (prices start at around £45 for properties up to 1,500 sq ft).

4. LEASE (FOR LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES) - Find out the details of the lease if you own a leasehold property.  To start with you will need to know how long the lease has left and how much the service charge and ground rent is.

5. ADVERTISING SIGNS - Do you want a sign outside your home to increase awareness? They are proven to help substantially with with marketing. You will see an option to order a sign when you add your listing to Tepilo. A uniformed professional from our recommended suppliers will deliver and put up your sign, customised with a link to your property - and also remove and recycle your sign once you are finished.

6. VIEWINGS - Do you want to do the viewing yourself- see our viewing advice/safety guidelines - or do you have a friend or relative who could do them for you. Alternatively you can pay to use a key holding company who will do the viewings for you.

7. PUT YOUR HOME ON TEPILO.COM - Load your details onto tepilo. We've tried to make the process as simple as possible.

8. SOLICITORS - Contact your solicitor and let them know you would like to get paperwork in order in preparation for a buyer.  If you do not have a solicitor I would suggest you ask family/friends for a recommendation. This is one area I think it is a bit unwise to be money driven.

9. PAPERWORK - Your solicitor should send you a fixtures and fittings form and a preliminary enquiries form to fill in.  I would suggest you get these filled in and sent back as soon as you can, as there may be extra paperwork that needs hunting down i.e. planning permissions, building regulation approval or details of your lease.

10. NEGOTIATION - When a potential purchaser contacts you, we would recommend that you negotiate with them through the site and do not give out more personal details than you have to, i.e. when you are away on holiday, where you work, whether you live alone, or your personal email address.

11. SALE AGREED - Once you have agreed a sale figure you will need to agree exchange and completion dates and swap solicitors details.  You then need to instruct your own solicitor giving them all the details of the buyer and sale.

12. CHECK - Ask your solicitor to contact the purchasers solicitor and check they have been instructed and that everyone is in agreement as to dates and details of the sale.

13. MORTGAGE/SURVEY - If a mortgage is required, check when it is booked in to be carried out.  It is at this point that the purchaser will have had to part with some money and so you can be a little bit more confident that the sale should go through.

14. ACCESS - You may well need to be around to let valuers/surveyors into the property.

15. CHASE - Keep chasing your solicitor, asking them to check that the buyer's solicitor has all they require and has put any searches in place.

16. MORTGAGE OFFER - Check with the buyer as to when their mortgage offer will be through.

17. EXCHANGE - Once both sets of solicitors are happy that all paperwork is in order, a deposit is being held and that the mortgage offer is agreed, your solicitors can exhange contracts.  This is done by a phone call between them. 

18. POST EXCHANGE - Between exchange and completion you will need to arrange removals, contact your energy suppliers and arrange for post to be forwarded.

19. COMPLETION - You move out of the property. The monies are sent to your solicitor who will pay any charges against the property i.e. your mortgage and generally their fees. Any remaining monies will either be used to buy your next home or sent to you directly.