Spend a little - Save Thousands

Spending just £500 on making sure your property looks the best it possibly can before you put it on the market will save you thousands on the asking price.

Too many sellers are under the impression that a quick clean is all that is needed before putting their home on the market.

They have become used to the stain on the ceiling that was the result of a past leak now mended and if the kitchen doors don't quite shut properly anymore- well the new owners will put be putting in a new kitchen so why waste money on it?

The fact is that all buyers are looking for more for their money - if they see the stain on the ceiling or the shabby kitchen it will ring alarm bells. They may fall in love with your property but because of the economic climate they may notbe ableto afford to buy the house, move in and begin expensive improvements. Because money is tight it may be that they wanta place they can be comfortable in fornowand be able to improveat a later date. So the state of the fabric of the house will be paramount to their ability to being able to 'live with it' - the stain and state of the kitchen may not seem much to you but togetherit will cost you £8-10,000 off your asking price.

Put yourself in the buyers shoes, look at your home with their eyes, try to imagine the different reasons they may have for buying your particular property.

If in doubt use a professional Home Stager - they will be able to look at your property objectively and diagnose problems areas giving detailed advice about any necessary changes needed.That might mean laying new carpet and newwindow treatments or it may be simply cleaning and dressing the house for maximum impact on buyers. The thing to remember is that your home is your biggest financial asset and a properly repaired and staged home will save you money in the long run.

Remember a smart house has more appeal to buyers - the less they can find fault with in the property andthe less they have to do to put things right, the more they will be willing to pay the asking price and that's more money in your pocket.