Should You be using a Smart meter?

In this blog we discuss the pros and cons of using a smart energy meter. Read on to find out whether you should be using one.

Should I be using a Smart meter?

There's been a huge amount of hype surround Smart meters recently, so should you be considering one?

Well, there are many benefits, to the planet as much as the pocket. What makes them clever is that they allow you to see when and how you've used energy, rather than simply how much.

Obviously it is then up to the customer to use this information to cut down their energy use but it's been estimated that Smart meters could allow you to save as much as 15%.

Seeing when and where you're expending energy could help you change household habits. For example, you'll be encouraged to turn gadgets off instead of onto standby, and to switch off lights when you leave a room.

Although these meters aren't in widespread use yet, they can be bought from specialists. Hopefully more homes will be fitted with them over the next few years.

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