Your rights as a tenant

What are my rights as a tenant? We detail your automatic legal rights in this blog.

Your rights as a tenant

Some types of tenancy confer more rights than others. The following are the automatic legal rights of tenants who have an AST. You and your landlord may agree extra rights if you wish, verbally or in writing.

  1. Right to know the terms of your tenancy

  2. Right to have a written tenancy agreement or statement

  3. Right to know your landlord’s name and address

  4. Right to occupy the property under the terms of the tenancy agreement

Assuming your AST was created on or after 28 February 1997, you cannot be evicted during the first six months of the tenancy or during the initial fixed term (whichever is the longer), unless you break the terms of the agreement – perhaps by defaulting on the rent or causing damage – and your landlord can convince a court that you have done so

  1. Right to end the tenancy

You are entitled to end your tenancy, provided you give the agreed notice. As long as there are no rental arrears and you leave the property in good condition, your deposit must be returned.

  1. Right to repairs

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