Your responsibilities as a tenant

What are my responsibilities as a tenant? This blog details what is expected from you as a tenant.

Your responsibilities as a tenant

Here are your responsibilities - although these do vary so check before signing on the dotted line.

Broadly, your obligations as a tenant are:

  • To pay the agreed rent on time
  • To inform your landlord of any repairs needed
  • To ensure that the property and its fixtures and fittings are not damaged through misuse or negligence
  • To allow your landlord, or his representative, access to the property for the purposes of inspection or maintenance (provided your right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ is respected)
  • To give your landlord the notice required by the tenancy agreement

If you want to end a fixed term agreement early, you can only do so with your landlord’s consent, or if there is a clause in the agreement that permits this. Otherwise, you may be liable for rent for the remainder of the period covered by the agreement

Any other, more specific, responsibilities must be included in the tenancy agreement.



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