Your landlord's responsibilities to you

What you can expert from your landlord as a tenant. Read our blog to be clear on their responsibilities.

Your landlord's responsibilities to you

You have certain rights as a tenant and can expect the following from your landlord.

Your landlord must:

o Maintain the structure and exterior of the building

o Keep such items as water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, sinks, basins, baths and lavatories in good repair

o Maintain and repair any common parts, such as shared hallways and staircases

You have the right to undertake minor repairs yourself and to deduct the cost from the rent, but it is wise to talk to your landlord before doing so, in the interests of good relations

Right to ‘quiet enjoyment’

Your landlord, or his representative, must give you 24 hours’ notice of any intended visit to the property. Visits must take place at a reasonable time of day, unless there is an emergency

Right to safety

o Before your tenancy begins, and annually thereafter, your landlord must have each gas appliance (including the central heating) checked by a CORGI-registered engineer, and must have a portable appliances test (PAT) carried out on all electrical equipment he supplies. He should be able to produce certificates to prove these checks have been done

o Any upholstered furniture your landlord provides must comply with safety regulations


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