Sarah's Home visit 1

Sarah and the team visit a property in West London which needed some extra selling power.

In case you missed it on our homepage – we’re running a competition where Sarah picks a property each month, which she will visit with the Tepilo team - we’ll see what we can do to help improve your chances of selling.

Here’s one of the first visits Sarah made – a property in West London – where we all turned up in our trusty campervan complete with film crew and without really knowing what to expect when we got there. As you can see, there were a few simple improvements – which could have a big impact.

Weeding the area at the front of the house, re-arranging furniture, making the bed and just adding a mention of a garden to the back of the property shouldn't take that long should it...enjoy!

If you think your property could do with a Beeny makeover - then get your home uploaded and who knows, you could be next.