Property Decision Spreadsheet

I’ve put together a very rough and ready “Property Decision Sheet” and you can download it for free

Click here to download

It allows you to stick in the details of each BTL mortgage you’re currently considering for a potential property purchase - you then enter the relevant costs and charges and it will tell you what the yield, ROCE etc is. Any box that is Yellow is editable - don’t edit the other boxes in grey as I’ve left these unlocked so you can check my formulae!

Like I say, it’s very rough and ready but it has really helped me get an understanding of what’s going on.

One thing to point out is that it doesn’t take into account of the possibility of increasing interest rates after the term of the mortgage is up. Also, please do not use this sheet to make any financial decisions - there could very well be mistakes in it. By downloading it you agree that you are using it merely for reference and open it at your own risk! Phew.

The main thing it has highlighted for me is the importance of buying below market value! In fact, it has put a bit of a dampener on my enthusiasm as it just looks too expensive to get a BTL at the moment.

Any questions, let me know via twitter @propertyjourney.

I’m expecting some clever people to help me refine this sheet - so please get in touch!


With thanks to Pete from his Property Journey website, where he's sharing every success and failure on his ongoing journey from property amateur to buy-to-let entrepreneur. Follow him at, Twitter: @propertyjourney and find him on Facebook"