The best ways to invest in property

I’ve already got a pretty good idea of which route I’m going to take in property, considering my circumstances and access to capital.

However, in the interests of explaining all my thinking here, I think it would be a good idea at this stage to look at some of the possible ways to get into the property game and briefly weigh up their pros and cons.

If I miss any out then please let me know…

  • Direct Property Investment (i.e. directly buying all, or part, of a physical property)
  • Buy-to-Let
  • Property Development
  • Buy-to-Sell (flipping)
  • HMOs
  • Off-plan
  • Off-shore
  • Commercial Property
  • Indirect Property Investment (i.e. buying stocks or shares or other type of investment that are linked to the property market)
  • ETFs

I’ll tackle these post by post or this would be one huge article!


With thanks to Pete from his Property Journey website, where he's sharing every success and failure on his ongoing journey from property amateur to buy-to-let entrepreneur. Follow him at, Twitter: @propertyjourney and find him on Facebook.