Can you do your own conveyancing? Our advice

We take a look at whether you're best off leaving conveyancing to the experts or doing it yourself, and if you really need a solicitor.

Can I do my own conveyancing?

Cutting out the estate agent is a relatively simple exercise but the same cannot be said for doing your own conveyancing. It can be very complicated and with the large sums of money involved, it is best avoided. There is so much competition between solicitors these days that you can get a fixed legal fee for a relatively low cost. Leave this to the experts!

When do I need a solicitor?

You will need a solicitor when an offer has been agreed between buyer and seller. This can be a bit of a rush so you may want to consider instructing a solicitor as you go on the market or as you begin your property search. Either way, you must ensure that your solicitor offers a “no move, no fee” service so that it will not cost anything if the deal does not go ahead.


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