Tips for Developers - How to find the right market

Read our helpful tips for property developers on how to research and target the right market for their property.

How do property developers find the right market?

The first step to becoming a property developer is to size up your market and do your research on the local area.

  1. Decide on an area, preferably a site near you.

  2. Research the area. This should include getting information on transport, education, amenities, health facilities, and spotting an up and coming area.

  3. Use as many information sources as possible including local newspapers, property publications, the local council, local groups and online sources.

  4. Target your market: students, first time buyers, business professionals, families and retired people will all want different things.

  5. Run your business efficiently. Be organised, do your sums, get professional advice and be realistic.

  6. Recognise types of building and house styles.

  7. Understand what is involved if you buy a listed building or building in a conservation area.