Sarah answers some of the frequently asked questions…

What is Tepilo?

A modern estate agent – offering all the services a traditional estate agent does, but online and at a fraction of the cost. We are changing the way in which estate agency is done; and perceived. You can sell your property for under £600, which includes a personal sale manager to organise your viewings, negotiate your offers and progress the sale to completion.

Why should I use Tepilo?

Because 98% of all property searches are now made online, so that’s where you need to be. Traditional estate agents can work really well, but they’re expensive. If you want an alternative that gives you some or all of the same services (including a free property valuation) and gets your property on the major portals at a fraction of the cost, here we are. From talking to homeowners, we know there is a place for an alternative model alongside traditional High Street estate agents. And that’s why we created Tepilo - Online estate agents.

This site simplifies and explains the whole process, which is often perceived as something more complicated than it really is. And if you appoint us as your online estate agent, we will promote your property for you on the leading UK portal, Rightmove and we'll be adding more over the next few months. We are here with all the advice you need and of course to save you many thousands of pounds at the same time.

• We’re here for you – Selling your home through an online estate agent might be a bit daunting for some, but we know everyone can do it if they want. And our lovely team is here for you every step of the way if you need us to be.

• Tepilo hosts the negotiation process through the site - you are completely in control of how much you want to offer or accept on a property. Our professional agents are on hand to assist if you are using us as your estate agent.

• Tepilo encourages the personal touch - using owner descriptions and a magazine style layout, we aim to give buyers and tenants much more of an insight into what's great about each property.

Who's Tepilo for?

Everyone. If you want to take control, if you want to save money, Tepilo is the place to do it. You don’t need to be an internet genius: our site is simple to use and we’re here to help if you need us.

Why's it called Tepilo?

When I was a child my father used to tell me stories about a fantastical castle called Tepilo; a wonderful place to escape to. And we all know that an Englishman’s home is his castle. It seemed the perfect name for my property site!

Can I use an agent and be on Tepilo?

Yes is the simple answer, however, do check the agents contract, you may be liable to pay them multiple agency fees and/or still have to pay the agent if you sell or let through us.

We pride ourselves on no stings in the tail - you pay upfront for each and every service, so there’s no hidden extras if you end up selling through someone else.

Just make you sure you check all the small-print from everyone else you’re dealing with and know exactly what you’ll end up paying as it’s never nice to get an unexpected bill.

Where does it cover?

At the moment, we just feature properties from the UK. Please don’t try to add your villa in Spain!

Where will my property be seen?

Our property portal network exposes your property to up to 180 Million property searches a month. There are too many portals to mention but your property will be seen on

  • Rightmove
  • Zoopla
  • PrimeLocation
  • TalkTtalk
  • MSN
  • Homes24
  • The Sun online
  • The Times online
  • The Sunday Times
  • Evening Standard
  • London Standard (Homes and Property)
  • Telegraph
  • The Independent
  • Mumsnet
  • Daily Mail:
  • Metro
  • The London Economic
  • Nappy Valley
  • Johnston Press
  • The Move Channel
  • Nestoria
  • Trovit
  • Home
  • Mitula
  • Nuroa

Are you really an estate agent?

Yes. We are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) scheme and follow its Code of Practice. Once you instruct us, we will send one of our agents to come round and verify things before we start to promote your property. The legislation that we are subject to makes sure that you are treated fairly and the Office of Fair Trading provides guidance for property sales. You can read it for yourself here.

Why should we choose you other than a local agent?

98% of the population now search the web to find a property that they are interested in. We aim to be the very best on-line estate agent, We are charged to advertise your property on all of the property portals therefore it is essential we do our very best to sell your property.

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How long do you advertise our property on the portals for?

Both packages gives you 6 months of marketing. To renew for another 6 months the charge is £150 +vat (we don’t foresee this).

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After your personal agent has visited our property how long will it take for my property to be listed?

Your property can be listed the very next day.

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What are your opening hours?

Office opening hours - full agency office are open 9am – 9pm and the viewings office is open 24 hours a day. There will also be an agent at hand out of hours should you require assistance.

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How do your packages differ?

The only difference is the costs. The more you pay up front, the less you pay on completion. You simply choose how to pay for our service. Each package is flexible with optional add on’s such as floor plans and premium listings to further promote your property.

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What are the benefits of having a Premium Listing on Rightmove ?

Rightmove have produced evidence that property listings that have a Premium Listing have a 35% higher chance of being clicked on over those that don’t have one. So for example if your property had a premium listing and your neighbours’ listing; which was identical to your in every way did not have one then you would receive 35% more clicks on your listing that your neighbours.

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Does it benefit me to have a floor plan?

It certainly does. Rightmove statistics have proved that people searching on listings with a floor plan spend 35% longer on that listing than one without it. So the longer we can get people looking at your listing the better for you.

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How long does an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) last?

It lasts for 10 years from the date that it was purchased. Please note if you already have an EPC you do not require another unless you have made some energy changes to your property.

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Do any hidden charges occur?

No there are no hidden charges (Verifications in extremely rural areas such as some parts of West and Central Wales and North of Glasgow and Edinburgh may incur a £40 charge).

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Do you vet potential viewers and reference check tenants?

Yes it is essential we carry out all the necessary checks including their full names, numbers, addresses, financial situation and if they have a property to sell.

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What if my home is already for sale with an estate agent?

We are happy to advertise your property alongside your local agent however we are unable to advertise your property if you have signed a contract for sole agency. You will need to give notice before you can switch to us. However as we advertise on the same portals and have access to the same buyers as your local agent we advise advertising with us alone.

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I have a high street agent that’s claiming to have a ready-made buyer?

The market has now changed! Instead of calling up a local agent, buyers simply search on one of the main portals (Mainly on This is the shop window for all estate agents. Even if a high street agent claimed to have a buyer, if they are serious about purchasing a property they will be still be searching on Rightmove many times a day and will find your home regardless. Most motivated buyers are members of the email alert systems of the portals, and as soon as we upload your home your details will be emailed instantly to matched buyers. By selling on line with us your property will be accessible to the highest volume of potential buyers… There are 180 property searches per month and 98% of people now search on the web.

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How quickly can you visit to verify my property?

We will arrange the visit with-in 48 hours. The length of time for the home visit to be conducted will be dependent on your area. As an average, we can normally conduct the home visit within 3-4 days of you booking.

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Will my home be listed on rightmove?

Yes - we promote your home across our portal network whenever you have an active Tepilo account which will last for 6 months. This can be lengthened if you wish for a small fee.

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How long has Tepilo been trading for?

Tepilo has been trading since 2009.

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Will you come to show potential buyers around my home?

Viewers prefer being shown around by the owner who can answer any questions immediately and most effectively. (We could not answer any questions about your home better than you!) and you will find that even most traditional estate agents let a lot of homeowners do their own viewings. However if you are away or live abroad or simply dont want to do your own viewings we can arrange for one of our friendly agents to perform your viewings (a small fee will apply)

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Will you negotiate the offers for me?

Yes we do – as your agent we will take care of this process - all agents are experienced and familiar with the modern buyer. When a sale is agreed, your survey will be chased and sale progression will monitored.

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How do I edit my advert?

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Using the direct link, which you should have received via email when adding your property.
  2. When you login, just select "selling" to manage the home you are selling.
  3. When looking at your own listing, there is a tab saying "edit this home"
  4. From the "my tepilo" area on the top right of your screen.

How do you deal with the legalities of buying, selling or letting a property?

As estate agents it is our job to hold you hand through the whole process, so if you need any information or advice just ask. Whether it is buying, selling or renting we will make sure that everything for you is done by the book so you don’t need to worry.

Does the site get involved in the negotiation process?

We are your agents, so we will look after and handle all of your offers. We will advise and then accept or decline your offers. Letting us do this for you also de-personalises the process and takes the emotion out of the transaction. You are completely in control of how much you want to offer or accept on a home, but it does give you more opportunity to get a good deal or hold out for the price you want.

Once you have an offer accepted; whether you are our vendor or our applicant, we will then produce your memorandum of sale for the solicitors. Having sold your property it is now vital to make sure your chain is held together so we will recommend you use our National team of conveyancers. They are the biggest team of conveyancers in the country with offices nationwide. Keeping the conveyancing 'in-house' allows us to easily follow through the progression process. Their rates are well within the national average and their service is exemplary.

Why aren't you free any more?

We used to let people list their properties for free, but that was when Tepilo was simply an advertising portal. Now, because we are an estate agent and as a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) scheme, we verify properties before we promote them and we're there throughout the conveyancing process. Even if you choose not to advertise your property on Rightmove through us, there is still a cost to us sending someone to your property and handling the ongoing relationship. But we have kept the costs as low as we can without compromising on the service we provide.

But the important thing for us is that people only pay for what they want and the costs represent great value for money.

I am a landlord, will you carry out the referencing for me?

Once we have found our landlords a tenant, it is vital that a full reference is carried out. Just like most lettings agencies, we charge a fee to your tenants for this. Their fee also includes, their tenancy agreement and handling their deposit with our chosen Government deposit scheme. Please contact us if you wish to know more about our fees.


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