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Mortgage Rescue Schemes Save Struggling Homeowners

By Tepilo on

Sometimes our circumstances in life change for the worse and we may question whether or not we’ll be able to meet all our financial responsibilities, like mortgage repayments. The prospect of home repossession adds to our woes and casts a shadow over all ambitions for the future. Fortunately, homeowners need not panic as mortgage rescue schemes provide help and advice to those who are struggling. We provide some information on these life-saving mortgage rescue schemes. Sale and rent back scheme...

How to Improve Your Home Security

By Tepilo on

There’s a school of thought that you shouldn't invest too much in home security systems because if someone is set on breaking into your home, they'll find a way. Now, if this person happens to be Batman, then it’s true that no amount of security will save you. But a good security system is usually enough to scare off any common criminal or vandal, and at the very least it serves as a powerful deterrent that will make even a master thief think twice before attempting to break in. The key word th...

The Urban-Rural Lifestyle of Choice

By Tepilo on

‘Outer prime’ is a relatively modern trend whereby city dwellers choose to live in the more affordable property areas just outside prime areas that are becoming increasingly expensive. According to The Commuter Guide, Savills coined another term, ‘prime regional’; a trend which sees city folk opting to live in the countryside, either to enjoy a better quality of life or lower costs of living. Graham Norwood cites research by NFU Mutual Insurance, which reveals that 70 per cent of today’s rural ...

How to Attract Buyers with the Right Price

By Tepilo on

When selling your house you’re obviously trying to attract the perfect buyer willing to pay your asking price. However, there’s a big difference between an asking price and a sales price, and savvy sellers should know the difference. The sales price is the amount you actually get for your house – the money in the bank, if you will. The asking price is the price advertised (your ideal figure) and is typically set at a price that’s between 2 and10 per cent higher than the expected sales price. ...

New Bill Paves the Way for Self-Build Homes

By Tepilo on

Did you think that self-build homes were a thing of the past? Does the very idea of building your own home bring to mind muddy clothes, calloused hands, aching backs and bruised thumbs from a hammer that never hits the mark? As it turns out, the self-build home is as appealing today as ever, with one million people in the UK claiming that they would build themselves a home within the next year if they could acquire the land, and seven million indicating a willingness to do so at some point in th...

Nearly 30,000 New Homes for the Thames

By Tepilo on

The pivotal role that the Thames has played in driving London's growth looks set to continue into the 21st century, as mayor Boris Johnson has revealed plans to build 26,500 homes along the iconic river’s edge. The construction project will hopefully go some way towards alleviating the effects of the city's housing shortage, while creating new jobs and bringing economic regeneration to the area in the process. London's housing supply outpaced by unprecedented population growth According to the...

Property Investment Tips: Buying Old Homes and Making them New

By Tepilo on

Are high house prices making it difficult for you to purchase your dream home? Well, perhaps you'd be better off creating it yourself rather than buying it. Old, derelict homes can be acquired at bargain prices and remade to fit your exact tastes, and you'd be amazed at the difference a few minor renovations can make. Bash down a few walls here, splash some new paint there, and you'll have what was previously a candidate for a haunted house tour looking better than new in no time. It's not just...

What to Avoid when Selling your Home

By Tepilo on

Selling your home is a bittersweet affair; on the one hand, you stand to gain a substantial amount of equity, but on the other, you're selling your home and all those precious family experiences along with it. The house itself can be priced according to its size and location, but what value can be put on family memories? According to a survey of home buyers conducted by My Online Estate Agent, the answer to that is none whatsoever. The survey found that house hunters are actually more likely t...

Should I Sell Before I Buy?

By Tepilo on

When you want to move house, the ideal situation is to have an excited buyer walk in with a brilliant offer the day after you put up a For Sale sign; after which you find your dream house on your first viewing, put in an offer, have it accepted and sail through the mortgage application process. Alternatively, you could see your dream house first and sell yours the next day; either way, you spend very little time floating adrift in the property market. Sadly such perfect timing only happens in ...

Keep Your House Safe When You’re on Holiday

By Tepilo on

Nobody wants to think about worst case scenarios as they’re packing for a well-deserved summer holiday, unfortunately you really should consider some of the things that can go wrong while you’re away, so that you can do everything you can to protect your home and possessions. Fortunately, very few of us are that naïve that we’d leave our homes unattended without any security measures in place. However, some of us are maybe not as conscientious about security as we could be, so before you leave...

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Overall, I would highly recommend Tepilo. It has taken the hassle out of the initial formalities of the sell.

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Having considered the existing options of traditional estate agents and what they had to offer against what Tepilo were offering. I felt that this would be the best & most promising way forward for me in my moving venture and so far I have been satisfied.


Absolutely brilliant. CHEERS Sarah. :-))

We have sold 5 properties, 4 of which took a while to sell, but sold easily after switching agents 4 times. This property went on the market with Tepilo on Saturday, had a viewing on Monday and an offer on Tuesday!