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Why Should You Choose An Online Estate Agent?

By Tepilo on

The typical thing to do when you’re putting your house on the market is to turn to your local high street estate agent. But what if you were to rule them out completely? The vast majority of people in the UK sell through an estate agent, and yes, undoubtedly the results do work out well, but the fees can be drastically high.

Tepilo in At Home Magazine - Child's Play

By Tepilo on

Child’s play You can always count on children to give their honest opinion and that’s why online estate agent, has created a section specifically for kids to describe their home – which their parents have put up for sale. This issue’s guest editor and co-founder of Tepilo, Sarah Beeny, says: ‘We thought adding a section where potential buyers can see how the previous owner’s kids view the property would give the listing such an honest and warming feel. Reviews from offspring who gr...

Are high rent costs holding back First Time Buyers?

By Tepilo on

Research from Santander Mortgages has shown that homeowners spend an average of £41,900 on rent before they manage to save up the money for an initial deposit to buy their own home, with many renting for around seven years. Instead of renting in order to save enough money for a deposit, the research shows that a great majority of people are caught in a trap - a substantial part of their income is going towards rent. Current rental prices stand at an average of £474 per month. It's no wonder t...

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