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The Sales Market has been Booming but what about Rentals?

By Tepilo on

September was a good month for landlords in Wales and England. According to figures, home rental costs hit new highs, and landlords fetched record returns on their investments. September’s average rental rates rose from 7.9 per cent to 13.4 per cent, which amounts to £768 – a figure close to twice the rate of return on an investment property for the same period last year. Property values rising in tandem with the housing boom, and higher rental rates were the primary drivers that pushed annual r...

Top 3 Budgeting Tips for Renovations

By Tepilo on

You’re thinking about doing some home renovations, and you know that they represent a financial commitment which you’re hoping will pay off in the eventual resale value of your property. But more than return on the investment, you’re really excited about the value that renovations will add to family time at home. The question is: How do you determine whether you can afford it and how can you best budget for it? Once you’ve found that it is within your means, it’s important to budget properly s...

Home decorating ideas for first-time buyers

By Tepilo on

You've just moved into a new home, but you haven't had a chance to make it your own. An undecorated home can seem cold and unwelcoming at first, but try to think of it as a blank slate waiting for you to mould it to your tastes and style. Of course, decorating a home is not a simple task and may seem overwhelming for first-time home owners who have yet to experience anything like it. So here are a few tips that will make the decorating process a lot more manageable. Forming a clear picture of ...

Are swimming pools a worthwhile investment?

By Tepilo on

Private pools were once essential to the perfect family home, but those days may be over. In fact, property investment advisers now believe that installing a swimming pool is one of the biggest, most expensive mistakes a home owner can make. The recreational benefits of the swimming pool cannot be denied, nor their aesthetic appeal. But where they once were a major draw card for home buyers, they now not only fail to boost a property's value in any significant way, but may actually diminish its...

Second time home buyers dream of detached houses

By Tepilo on

The detached house is the number one target for home buyers looking to take their next step on the property ladder, according to Mortgage Introducer. Whereas 60% of second-steppers favoured semi-detached homes four years ago, that number has now dropped to 51%, whilst the number of home seekers looking for detached homes has risen from 48% to 54%. Furthermore, demand for four-bedroom detached homes in particular has increased, whereas three bed semi-detached homes were the preferred next move...

The rental market boom

By Tepilo on

There has been much talk of late regarding the property bubble. Particularly in central London, house prices have been soaring up to the heavens, leaving homeowners to rub their hands together in neurotic glee (excuse the hyperbole). But why does everyone forget about the rental market? Again, particularly in central London, the rental market is a booming industry as locals and foreigners alike vie for rental properties. This provides massive market potential for local investors who don’t want...

Gas makes way for new homes

By Tepilo on

A £700m project undertaken by National Grid in collaboration with Berkeley Homes is the latest in a series of measures underway to combat the UK housing shortage. The goal of the project: converting disused industrial sites - namely those occupied by the now redundant Victorian gas holders - into land suitable for the construction of residential properties. They hope to build around 14,000 new homes over the course of the next 15 years, with at least 30% of the first 7,000 homes being classed a...

Basement conversion tips

By Tepilo on

For home owners looking to perform home extensions, finding the additional space can prove a challenge. Spare bedrooms and lofts provide viable options but basement conversion often serves as the most convenient and cost-effective approach. There's more room to work with than with a loft, and it's easily accessible from living areas of the home. Construction work undertaken in the basement will not be visible from street level, and usually won't affect the external appearance of the home in any ...

Tips on investing in student housing

By Tepilo on

Over the past ten years, student housing has become one of the most popular forms of property investment. According to Savills, approximately £5 billion worth of standing stock and development sites were sold in 2012 and 2013 and that number is expected to climb in 2014 and the years ahead. Reasons for this include high yields and reliable tenancy. Spots in UK universities are highly sought after by international students, particularly from the Far East, and that demand will remain consistent r...

Live out of town with easy commutes to London

By Tepilo on

A sprawling country house with easy access to London is really the Holy Grail for South England property hunters. This might explain why property in neighbouring counties, like Surry, is so sought after. We give you a quick look at some of London’s surrounding towns that offer easy commutes into the city - for both work and play. Chelmsford - here you have the option to jump on a Great Eastern Main Line train and arrive at Liverpool Street station in less than half an hour - excellent for peop...

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