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Is Equity Release Right for Me?

By Tepilo on

If you’re considering equity release on your property it’s very important that you know all the ins and outs of the plan you’ve got in mind. With an equity release plan you can turn some of the value of your home into tax-free cash, which you can spend any way you wish. What do you need to know? To qualify for an equity release plan you must own your home outright. Equity release plans are regulated by the government through the Financial Conduct Authority. Advisers and product providers are ...

Furnished Buy-to-Let Property Gives Landlords the Edge

By Tepilo on

The current state of the property market has forced many people into rented properties, making buy-to-let a potentially profitable endeavour for property investors, even with rising house prices. However, this is a highly competitive field, so you need to do everything you can to give yourself an edge, such as tastefully furnishing your property. Of course, you could leave the property unfurnished and save on costs, but depending on what kind of clientele you're looking to attract, this could b...

Are Estate Agent Fees too High?

By Tepilo on

Recent research by online estate agents HouseSimple has revealed that London estate agents earned £1.1 billion in fees in 2014, a 23% increase on the amount they earned in 2013. This means that home sellers paid an average £9,384 in estate agent fees on each property sale in 2014, an amount that many would consider exorbitant. An estate agent earns an average 1.6% of the home sale as commission, but according to Russell Quirk of eMoov, it can be as high as 2.5%. Marc Shoffman points out that if...

Will Online Shopping Spell Doom for Retail Property?

By Tepilo on

A more convenient shopping experience and a wider range of products, coupled with the increasing capabilities of digital technology and a generation that has grown up in a world where digi-tech is an integral part of everyday life, has led many to predict that online shopping will replace retail as the preferred shopping experience. If you have an interest in property investment, the question you may be asking at this point is whether this shift will render retail property an unsound investmen...

Land Freed Up for 100,000 New Homes

By Tepilo on

London is expected to be hit hardest by the UK’s housing shortage as its population comes close to surpassing the 1939 population peak of 8.9 million, with an estimated 11.3 million expected to inhabit the city by 2050. Figures released by the Home Building Federation (HBF) indicate that 220,000 new homes per year will be needed in order to meet rising demand, while also revealing that 2012/13 saw only 108,190 new homes completed. This is the lowest building rate the UK has experienced since 1...

Are Solar Panels A Good Investment?

By Tepilo on

Solar panels have long been advertised as one of the more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of cutting electricity costs, promising to not only save you money but also to provide an opportunity to do right by the environment and get cash back from the government. The UK government is the first in the world to introduce a cashback scheme to encourage Britons to align themselves with climate change goals. The scheme is called RHI, Renewable Heat Incentive, and is tailored towards househo...

DIY Garden Maintenance: Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Strong

By Tepilo on

Home improvement doesn't just refer to the home itself, but to the outdoor areas of your property as well. Having a well-maintained garden adds plenty of value to a property, as well as making for a better living experience in general. Tending a garden involves more than just pouring some water over the plants every now and then. As a gardener, you'll need to be willing to literally get your hands dirty. Your plant kingdom depends on you for survival, for you are both the giver of water and the...

Landlord Responsibilities: What to do when your Tenants Divorce

By Tepilo on

Probably the last thing any landlord wants to do is wade into a divorce dispute, but they should be prepared to get a little bit dirty as tenancy rights come into it. As a businessperson, you have to protect your investment, and most married couples will have signed a joint tenancy that stipulates certain obligations on their side and yours. You have to be careful that you don't overstep your boundaries – legal or otherwise. A lawyer can help you determine your obligations and entitlements, bu...

Help-to-Buy Scheme Does the Trick

By Tepilo on

The help-to-buy scheme may have raised doubts about how much it would actually help home buyers when it was introduced in April 2013, but recent data reveal has revealed that the initiative has gone some way towards achieving its intended goals. Since its introduction, it has contributed significantly to first-time home buyer purchases and provided a much-needed boost to housing development. What is Help-to-Buy? The scheme provides first-time buyers with a loan equal to 20% of the deposit requ...

Plan Your Garden and Increase the Value of Your Property

By Tepilo on

Everybody loves a garden in summer, and it doesn’t get much more British than a layered, full and lovely garden. Furthermore, if you’re looking to sell your property at some future point, you can get great value from being in the garden and preparing it for that eventual sale. However, caution is advised because the degree of maintenance your garden requires (weekly or daily tending) could be a deal breaker as far as potential buyers are concerned. So remember that while most people enjoy potter...

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We have just put our house on the market with Tepilo, so far so good!

We have just put our house on the market with Tepilo, so far so good. Organising the photos, floor plans and epc has been a breeze. We got a viewing within an hour of listing and their online bookings for viewings has been easy to follow!


Selling a property can be a stressful experience.

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