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UK’s push for affordable housing

By Tepilo on

With UK housing prices so high, many young house hunters are priced out of the market. According to Reuters, house prices in the UK have risen nearly 10% in the last year, and the price of property in London exceeds the national average by some margin. However, the UK government has made affordable housing a priority, and Prime Minister David Cameron has specifically highlighted the need to ensure that young home buyers are not “locked out of home ownership”. This is evidenced by the recent an...

Second time buyer confidence returns

By Tepilo on

The plight of first-time home buyers receives a lot of media coverage and government attention. It is by helping first-time buyers get into the property market that socio-economic ills, such as “live-in adult-children syndrome,” can be alleviated after all. Yet, in order for first-time buyers to have affordable housing options, occupants of modestly-priced homes need to be able to afford to move up the property ladder into larger houses. Recent research by Lloyds Bank has shown the most recent p...

Best cities for student housing

By Tepilo on

Cash-strapped students may not seem like the most reliable source of income, but student housing has come to be seen as one of the most reliable forms of investment. Property investors throughout the UK are realising that high yields and a constant supply of new tenants year after year are worth the supposed challenges that come with managing a property geared towards the student lifestyle. The students may not stay for very long, but there will always be new tenants to replace the ones that l...

Where to buy a second home

By Tepilo on

If you are one of the many lucky Brits who are feeling the positive effects of healthy equity owing to the recent property bubble, you might be considering reinvesting some of that equity into a second home. Whether it is an investment property or a holiday retreat, there are some attractive options available to you. Here are some of Tepilo’s top tips for finding your second treasure: A room with a view While the French farmhouse in need of restoration still remains a firm favourite, some Bri...

How to be a good tenant

By Tepilo on

Being a good tenant requires a balanced approach based on mutual respect and understanding – and following the rules. Maintaining a good tenant/landlord relationship isn't difficult at all, just keep these handy tips in mind. Know the Tenancy Agreement: The agreement you make in writing with your landlord is the foundational stone upon which the relationship is built. Be sure to read the tenancy agreement – really read it. Don't skim over it! You'll want to make sure it suits both parties, and...

Will Garden Cities alleviate the housing crisis?

By Tepilo on

Britain has a housing shortage, and what is available is highly priced. Space in the city is at a premium; perhaps the answer is to create new residential areas with more space, and to locate them outside the cities instead of trying to squeeze them into already congested urban landscapes. This line of thought has given rise to the 'Garden Cities' movement. The origin of Garden Cities Garden cities are not a new concept, having originated in Victorian times when shorthand typist Ebenezer Howar...

Results of the Scottish Independence Referendum boost housing market

By Tepilo on

Nothing hurts the property market like uncertainty. A Yes vote for the referendum on Scottish independence would have brought about a lot of challenges for property investors, but the uncertainty regarding Scotland's future was enough on its own to quell activity on the market. Fortunately, that period of uncertainty has come to an end and analysts are predicting an upswing in the Scottish property market as a result. In an article published in the Guardian in April 2014, it was reported that S...

Top 10 London boroughs for annual growth

By Tepilo on

The London boroughs that show the strongest annual growth to date are not the playgrounds of the rich and famous as one might think. As foreign investment shies away at the strengthening Pound, and people make the move to more affordable locations, it’s London’s lower-value locations that are rising to the challenge. These were the findings of a study carried out by Sophie Chick, an associate in Savills’, with the London boroughs showing the strongest annual growth being as follows: Waltham For...

Property market outlook for 2015

By Tepilo on

General elections and other political headwinds are predicted to temper property growth come 2015. The prospect of the May elections is contributing to slowed property growth, with property prices expected to rise at a moderate 5% next year. The growth in prime central London locations, however, may be a little more stagnant with property firm Strutt & Parker expecting a growth of 2% in 2015. This is a massive change from the booming central London property market of 2010/2011. Property a...

Tips for buying a bungalow

By Tepilo on

A bungalow is a single storey house that isn’t very common or very popular in the UK due to its high price-to-space ratio. Single story homes, or bungalows, are very popular in countries that have a lot of space for property development, such as South Africa and Australia, because they often come with larger plots of land. However, in the UK, and particularly in London, which sports some of the most expensive property in the world, it is more common to see terraced housing. Bungalow living does ...

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