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Get the perfect hearth for your home

By Tepilo on

You can't have a home without a hearth, especially if you're the type who likes to sit and brood with a glass of whiskey in your hand. It just doesn't have the same dramatic effect if you do it whilst staring at the wall instead of a raging fireplace. The comfort gained from fireplaces goes back to our caveman days, when our survival depended on the presence of a well stoked fire. So, it's no surprise we're reluctant to let go of them, even in this age of efficient central heating systems. Afte...

English new builds among the smallest in the world

By Tepilo on

Some of our English houses are so small that if you have a couple of kids, you could easily feel like the old lady that lived in a shoe. But why does England sport some of Europe’s tiniest townhouses? For example, our average new-build house is 76 sq m whereas in Spain it’s 97 sq m and in Denmark the average is even bigger at 137 sq m (according to Money Week). In fact, even Japanese new houses beat us in the size stakes at 92 sq m. The answer doesn’t lie in the housing supply crisis or shortag...

The pros and cons of letting agents

By Tepilo on

It's a question every landlord has probably asked themselves at some point. Do I really want to knock on people's doors (or sends the pesky email) asking for rent? Being a landlord involves plenty of tedious admin, and it can test your people skills to the limit. But what if you could have someone do all the dirty work on your behalf, allowing you to sit back and reap the benefits of monthly rental income? Finding tenants to occupy your properties, investigating their credit, chasing them down...

Access to public transport and property values

By Tepilo on

While UK house prices are high, certain features are deemed important enough for buyers to go to any lengths to meet the asking price. For example, broadband speeds and proximity to public transport are two vital factors that have significant influence on what buyers are willing to pay. Research conducted by the Nationwide Building Society reveals that property prices rise dramatically when the properties in question are situated near to a tube station, and that a seemingly small distance can ma...

Guide to broadband for home movers

By Tepilo on

There’s always a lot to think about when moving home, and these days that includes not just the usual address changes and dealing with utility suppliers but ensuring that you’ve got broadband sorted at the new place too. But with a little bit of planning and some research you can make the process go a lot smoother and eliminate some of the stress from moving day. How fast can you go? When you move home there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get the same speed, or even use the same provid...

Home improvement ideas for extending your home

By Tepilo on

As housing prices in the UK continue to rise, the option of purchasing a brand new home is ruled out for many. Fortunately there are ways to make an old home feel new. Expanding your home instead of purchasing a new one will not only be more affordable, but it will also increase its value in the long run. It also means a change of scenery without you having to actually uproot your family. No need to find new schools for your children, or to register a new address with various authorities. You p...

How to build an eco-home on a budget

By Tepilo on

With domestic buildings in the UK accounting for 12% of the nation's carbon emissions, it's clear more needs to be done to promote energy-efficient homes. With that in mind, the UK government has declared that all homes must be zero carbon by 2020. But that's not the only reason for the rising popularity of eco-homes. They simply make sense; not only for the environment, but for the home owner as well. According to, the energy efficiency of eco-homes can reduce energy bills by a...

Can the Bank of England save the UK property market?

By Tepilo on

Rising property prices have sparked fears that the current UK housing boom is heading for a bust, prompting Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, to ask for greater power to intervene in the UK housing market. His request has been granted, but how effective will these new powers be, and what does it mean for home buyers and government schemes such as Help to Buy? We take a look at this story in more detail. Learning from the lessons of 2008 Carney claims that the 2008 housing crisis co...

Scaling down for the golden years

By Tepilo on

When your children have moved on and your nest feels emptier by the day, it might be time to scale down to enjoy the golden age of retirement without all the hassle. Many retirees have found that moving to a smaller property forces them to scale down on their possessions too, which leads to a better quality of life and an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures. It mustn’t be forgotten, however, that selling your property and moving on is not without its costs. We give you our top tips for decid...

How digital marketing benefits the property industry

By Tepilo on

Nowadays, consumers prefer making most purchases online from the comfort of their homes, but the property industry need not fear the rising prominence of digital services. No one will ever be able to download a home from a server, and while the internet can certainly be used to find and view properties, few would be willing to make such an important financial and emotional investment without the professional advice only industry experts (estate agents) can provide. Property remains one of the ...

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Tepilo offers a service that is greatly needed.

The cost savings compared with the time that was taken means that three hours’ work saved my partner and I £2000 as well as unnecessary fees for our tenants. The service is as good as the user wants it to be which allows for more control.

Liam Melly

Extremely impressed with the overall experience!

I engaged Tepilo to help either sell or rent my central London apartment and was extremely impressed with the overall experience. The website was very well designed and meant I could operate in a self service mode for almost everything, great!

Graham Gear

Selling my house through Tepilo was the right decision and saved me thousands in Estate Agents fees.

It was very easy and straight forward and there is help on hand, either by telephoning for extra advice or by clicking on the 'chat' box. I would recommend Tepilo to my friends and family.