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Would You Buy Any of London’s Strangest Properties?

By Tepilo on

You may consider it strange, unusual, striking, appealing or just plain weird, but some people like to express their creativity through the architecture of their homes. There have always been ‘interesting’ designs, like the Stone Tower at Claverdon in the West Midlands, but as the quest for individual identity and self-expression intensifies, we’re seeing more and more unusual architecture springing up. Some designs are borne partly out of necessity – limited space being a good reason – while ot...

How to Attract Serious Buyers

By Tepilo on

Spring is here and there’s more than just the promise of good weather that’s put a spring in your step, especially if you’re looking to sell your house. While there is debate about whether there really is a perfect season to sell your house, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that if there is a season, it’s most certainly spring. So how do you capitalise on this prime selling season? Valuation, valuation, valuation It’s a bit like location, location, location in that the import...

Dreamy Canal-Side Living

By Tepilo on

If you’d like to wake up to the sound of gently lapping water and birds singing sweetly at the crack of dawn then you should consider getting on board with the canal revival currently taking place in the UK. Many people still have an image of canals filled with broken shopping trolleys and a putrid smell, but it’s time to right this wrong because many canals are no longer the eyesores to be avoided like the plague that they once were. Instead, these days you’re more likely to see otters at play ...

Tenants Rights Groups Demand an End to Revenge Evictions

By Tepilo on

Revenge eviction: It's not the latest in a series of slasher flicks but a genuine threat to tenants from rogue or cowboy landlords. The prospect of their landlord evicting tenants out of pure spite is enough to keep many people from complaining about things they have every right to complain about, even if they have to live in sub-standard conditions. Fortunately, such flagrant abuse of power has not gone unnoticed by those responsible for regulating the housing market. Keeping landlords in Line...

Is Your Home in a Higher Earning Bracket than You?

By Tepilo on

Do you rub your hands with glee when checking the climb of property prices in the evening papers? Does the thought that property is one of the best ROIs (Returns on Investment) around put a little spring in your step? And did you know that when compared to your earnings year-on-year over the past two years, your house probably falls into a higher income bracket than you do? According to Halifax, on average house prices rises have outperformed wage-price rises. A fifth of all local districts h...

Shared Ownership Schemes 101

By Tepilo on

Shared ownership schemes are part of the Help-to-Buy schemes introduced by the government as a way to extend property ownership to anyone who dreams of being on the property ladder but can’t afford it. Shared ownership is provided through housing associations and enables you to buy a share of your home (between 25% and 75%) and pay rent on the remaining share. Shared ownership homes are always leasehold homes. When you buy the home, you become the owner of the lease. There are certain criteria ...

How to Build a Garden Shed & Enjoy Peace and Quiet

By Tepilo on

A garden shed can serve many functions. Some may see it as nothing more than extra storage space, but for others, it can be a place to retreat from the distractions of everyday life. Inspiration is easier to find when you’re down at the bottom of your garden, away from ringing telephones, TVs and the call of Facebook. A well-constructed shed could be the perfect place to write a book or paint, and a great workshop for budding sculptors and craftsmen. Whatever your intentions, at the very least ...

UK Housing Crisis in the Spotlight for the General Election

By Tepilo on

The property market has always been considered a stable investment. Unlike stocks, which rise or fall with the wind, property is solid; both in terms of the brick and mortar it's composed of, and its reliability. While stocks are seen as the quicker, riskier route to investment success, when you invest in property, you're playing the long game. However, in periods of uncertainty, such as the build up to a general election, even the property market finds itself on shifting sand. In fact, the onl...

Inside it’s faultless but what about the outside of your property?

By Tepilo on

We have become a nation of DIYers, with every weekend and public holiday presenting the perfect opportunity to do some home repairs, install some shelves, or build some tables and chairs – anything in the mission to beautify our homes. But there is something that many weekend warriors have forgotten and this lack of attention has the potential to put homeowners at risk of an enormous bill to the tune of £10,000! It’s quite simple, many DIY enthusiasts focus most of their energy on the inside...

Remortgaging: Cheaper Mortgages Save Money in the Long Run

By Tepilo on

When you got your mortgage, you may have thought you were in it for the long haul. What could be a greater declaration of long-term commitment than investing in a home? But you never know what the future may bring, and circumstances may arise where you decide the deal you started with is no longer the right one for you. Fortunately, there's always a way out. Remortgaging your home Can you swap your old mortgage for a new one? The answer to that is yes. Of course, the trickier question, and the...

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