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Children’s Bedroom Decorating Tips

By Tepilo on

For many homeowners, the best reason to purchase a home is to provide their children with a stable environment in which to grow and flourish. Fundamental to a home design that achieves this goal is the children's bedrooms, where they'll be spending most of the early years of their life, and where their dreams for the world beyond will take shape. With that in mind, here are a few tips for designing children’s bedrooms that will satisfy their need for sleep, safety and mental stimulation. Choose...

Are Quirky Homes a Tough Sell?

By Tepilo on

Some people spend a small fortune personalising their homes in extreme ways. They have predilections for medieval living and create small-scale custom castles, or their version of a haunted house. Sometimes all the ‘quirkiness’ is on the inside, with things like Velcro walls. The problem with creating your absolute dream home, however, is that it is your vision and other house hunters might not feel the same way. This can make selling your home a problem, even if you’re in a high-demand area. O...

Energy Efficiency is Essential for Buy-to-Let Landlords

By Tepilo on

Britain's drive for energy efficiency has received another boost, as the government introduces new legislation that makes it compulsory for landlords of energy inefficient properties to make appropriate adjustments or face a ban. While many landlords may cringe at the potential expense involved in upgrading, just one or two alterations might be all that's required for them to bring their to property to the required level, saving themselves and their tenants significant costs in the long-term. U...

The Various Guises of Mortgage Fees

By Tepilo on

With so many mortgages to choose from, and so many schemes and programmes to help you secure your entry to the property ladder, you may be in a rush to take the big step, but hold your horses for a minute because there are some very important considerations you don’t want to overlook. Interest rates are at an all time low, but mortgage-related fees have gone in the opposite direction. You need to exercise caution and make sure that you have a good grasp of the various mortgage-related fees, bec...

Are You Setting the Right Stage for Your House?

By Tepilo on

House prices may be high, but home seekers who feel they have found the home of their dreams will be willing to pay any price. Of course, in many cases they won't know what the home of their dreams is until they see it. With the right home staging set up, you can help them do that. If you don't believe in the power of home staging, you need only look at the influence it has on property sales. gives one example of a property that had been on the market for months but had not attr...

Living in a Straw-Bale House is not as Crazy as it Sounds

By Tepilo on

Up until now, the most famous thing about houses made of straw was that the residents end up as dinner for a big bad wolf. However, an engineering research project led by the University of Bath and specialist architectural firm Modcell in Bristol may change the perception of straw bale houses for good. Fire, wind and wolf resistant The construction sector aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent and energy consumption by 50 per cent, before 2050. Drastic measures are needed to achieve t...

What is the True Price of Luxury Living in London?

By Tepilo on

Once upon a time if you owned a £1 million home you were granted access to an exclusive club of luxury property owners – after all, you were a millionaire. Nowadays, however, soaring house prices have made “millionaires” of many home owners. In fact, as a result of rising demand and ongoing housing shortages, property prices are edging higher to the point where a £1 million home may soon be considered the new norm, especially in London. According to Savills, the number of homes worth over £1 mil...

Let-to-Buy the Buy-to-Let Spin-Off

By Tepilo on

You've heard of buy-to-let; now meet its younger sibling, let-to-buy. As the rental market continues to produce high yields and consistent income for landlords, many other homeowners are wondering if renting instead of selling may be the most effective means of raising the capital needed to buy a new home. Let-to-buy: how does it work? The normal procedure before buying a new home is to sell your current one so that the equity can go towards the new mortgage. However, let-to-buy presents home ...

Do Tenants Rights Protect You from Rent Increases?

By Tepilo on

If you're new to the whole tenant-landlord arrangement, you should be aware that your landlord is entitled to increase the rent when it comes time to sign a new tenancy agreement. For many tenants, this can prove a tricky affair, especially if they're already struggling to make their current rent, or feel that the landlord is charging them higher than the market rate for the property. A survey by found that four in ten UK landlords were planning to increase rent in 2015, and tha...

Bank of England influences on the economy through property

By Tepilo on

As Britain emerges from the mire of the financial crisis catalysed by 2008’s banking crash and one of the worst recessions in living memory, the general public need to understand what measures the government and its various institutions have employed in order to put the United Kingdom in a position of recovery. One of the most crucial tools available to any government, which retains monetary sovereignty, is the ability to set its own interest rates. The UK’s government does this through the Ba...

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