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Survey Reveals First Time Buyers Lack Mortgage Knowledge

By Tepilo on

In the age of ‘generation rent’, millennials who are looking to buy their first home can struggle to understand or find the right information about the housing market. Many young adults seek financial advice and many find the home buying process to be unclear. There are many factors that millennials are faced with when they consider purchasing their first property. Their biggest concern is their financial situation, followed by mortgage payments and then the fluctuating house market. A su...

Swerve a Disaster With Our Bathroom Renovation Tips

By Tepilo on

Due to its daily and frequent use, the bathroom is and always will be a key selling point of a property. From our experience, prospective buyers tend to be after modern, stylishly designed, well-renovated bathrooms – with a similar look and feel to the bathrooms you find in upmarket and boutique hotels. However, many bathroom renovations don’t go to plan, leaving people with a bathroom that costs a lot and isn’t quite right rather than the one of their dreams. If you’re a property seller, it’s...

Meet One of Tepilo's Happy Property Sellers

By Tepilo on

Here at Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and the fact that we are committed to getting you the best price for your property. We can say these things all day long but sometimes it’s better to show you what we do best with a good news story from one of our clients. Marcus Naylor, 42, and his partner Victoria Blakemen, 46, sold their four bedroom home in Lytham, Lancashire through Tepilo. Here’s how they got on… The Stats More than 7,000 people looked at ...

How To Conduct a Successful Viewing When Selling Your Property

By Emily on

A successful viewing is a key component of any house sale. If you are selling your home through an online estate agent, however, it becomes even more vital. It might sound like a daunting task at first, but if you prepare correctly and follow the relevant advice, there is no reason why your viewings can’t pass without a hiccup and in fact increase the chances of your home selling. To help you on your way, we have compiled a list of the top things to think about when showing would-be buyers aro...

Can DIY Add Value to Your Home?

By Tepilo on

We’re a nation of DIY lovers with more than half of homeowners turning into weekend warriors around our homes and gardens; armed with hammers, nails, ladders and caulking guns, you name it and we’re sure to have it in our toolbox or shed. We do it with gusto, and in the name of home improvement, and, of course, with a peripheral certainty that we’re adding value to our homes. Weekend projects are definitely fun and enormously rewarding, even if they don’t add monetary value to our homes and som...

Mobile App for Tepilo vendors

By Steve on

We've developed a mobile app exclusively for our vendors that lets you manage and track all the elements of your sale.

Tips for moving home

By Tepilo on

Successful house moves don't just happen; they are the result of painstaking research and planning. We'll show you how.

Beating the credit crunch

By Tepilo on

The credit crunch is biting. What started in the US as a mortgages issue, with lenders giving finance to people who would not normally qualify as credit worthy, has spread to dent confidence in the whole housing market and the wider economy. The result is a lack of activity in the US economy as people hold out to see what will happen in the immediate future.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

By Tepilo on

Energy-efficient (EE) light bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent bulbs, use of a fifth of the energy of incandescent bulbs.

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