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Tips for moving home

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Successful house moves don't just happen; they are the result of painstaking research and planning. We'll show you how.

Buying in the North East

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Often seen as a poor relation to other, more prosperous areas, North East England has a vibrant community and arts scene, beautiful countryside and is home to around 500 top global companies. Though the heavy industry that was once the backbone of the region has long gone, it has left behind a strong work ethic and an adaptable employment force among the local population.

Buying in the North West

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With some of the UK's major cities, the north-west's economy is worth almost £98 billion. From cosmopolitan Manchester to vibrant Liverpool and the countryside of the Lake District, the region attracts significant numbers of visitors each year as well as increasing investment.

Buying in East Anglia

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The third largest regional economy in Britain, East Anglia covers a large area including Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, east Bedfordshire and north Essex. Much of the region is still rural and mainly agricultural, however it has also become one of the prime investment regions for high-tech industries and scientific research and development, mainly thanks to links with Cambridge University.

Buying in the East Midlands

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The East Midlands is host to a handful of dynamic cities, such as Leicester and Nottingham, which feature a vast range of employment and leisure opportunities; there are also eight world-class universities in the region.

Buying in Northern Ireland

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Following decades of unrest and uncertainty, Northern Ireland is at last emerging from the shadow of its violent past.

Buying in the West Midlands

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In terms of big-city appeal, Birmingham, the West Midlands' main urban centre has it all - as the UK's second biggest city, it is host to a range of dining and shopping options, as well as employment opportunities across a range of fields.

Beating the credit crunch

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The credit crunch is biting. What started in the US as a mortgages issue, with lenders giving finance to people who would not normally qualify as credit worthy, has spread to dent confidence in the whole housing market and the wider economy. The result is a lack of activity in the US economy as people hold out to see what will happen in the immediate future.

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